Workshop XXV – Spring in Moggerhanger!

Dear Sandy Photography Club Members,

Have you had enough of hearing about bad news, or fake news?

Well, now I have only good news! 🙂

Workshop XXV – Spring in Moggerhanger!

Let’s meet there – Saturday, 24th April 2021 at 8am.

We can catch up on how we are all doing, and what we can do together in the weeks ahead.

Please bring your camera, various lenses, and tripod, and reserve 1-2hrs for a walk around Moggerhanger Park. After that we will meet at an outdoor coffee shop/pub for refreshments and a chat. Bring some coins for that! 😉

Could you please confirm by end of Thursday 22nd if you would like to attend. Of course you can bring your friends or family members with you.
Please share this event on social media.

I am planning our next General Meeting to discuss the photos taken at the above workshop as soon as possible after 17th May, when I would like to officially announce getting back on track!

I cannot wait to see you and our new Members!

Yours Carlos