Public Gallery

If you like our work and would like to order any prints, you can do this on our website:, quoting the reference number (see list below).
Price is £25-£45 for A3-A2 size on foamboard backing. Your purchase will help support our aim of promoting photography, culture, art and community relations within Sandy and the surrounding villages.

E01_01_DOB – Motorbike Racer
E01_02_DOB – Spice Pot
E01_03_DOB – Reflection in a Ballbearing
E01_04_DOB – Yew Evergreen
E01_05_DOB – Narcissi in Bloom
E01_01_MAS – The Brick Maker
E01_02_MAS – Festival
E01_03_MAS – Mollymawk
E01_01_GII – Frosted Tree
E01_02_GII – Ice Pattern
E01_03_GII – Autumn Colours
E01_01_NIC – Perspective Corridor
E01_02_NIC – Majestic Organ
E01_03_NIC – Cast Shadows
E01_04_NIC – Waiting
E01_01_GAR – Morning on the Brecon Canal
E01_02_GAR – Poppy
E01_03_GAR – The Hive, Kew Garden
E01_01_NIS – Cat
E01_02_NIS – Atlas Mountains
E01_03_NIS – Blooming Lovely

Gallery from Task 2 part 2 – most voted photographs

Gallery from Task 2 part 1 – most voted photographs