General Meeting – Feb 18th @10am

Dear Members of Sandy Photography Club,
Thank you for attending the last workshop on Saturday. We had a good time and I know you enjoyed it as much as I.

On Saturday 18th Feb at 10.00am we are going to talk about them in the Sandy Library.

Your photos will be our first feedback and it shows us how many points of view
and interpretations one can get about the same subject. 
If we want to create better pictures we need feedback from other people.
Be ready for the next task, that should be much easier and we will start a friendly internal competition.
If you have any questions regarding your camera please bring it with you and ask about it.

Please note there is a £2 attendance fee that covers tea, coffee and the cost of renting the venue.
I cannot wait to see you on Saturday…

All new Members are very welcome!!!

 All the best to you 🙂