Sandy Photography Club After years of ‘point and fire’, using only the automatic setting, and not the slightest idea of what M-A-P-S functions meant, I am now really enjoying the challenges of learning what my camera can actually do! I felt a little daunted at first, thinking I would be the only one who didn’t understand the basics of photography – but I’ve met some lovely people at SPC, some who are experienced, and some who also have a similar level of knowledge as myself. With a lot of patience and encouragement from Carlos, we are able to develop and learn at our own pace. I like the outdoor ‘hands-on’ sessions (although the first one in February was freezing!), and also really enjoy the tasks and mini competitions that Carlos sets for us, as they make you focus not only on achieving the right exposure, etc, but also getting the composition of the photo correct – albeit with a lot of trial and error (thank goodness for digital!). As the Club progresses and we become more confident with our cameras, and also with our fellow photographers, I think we will benefit from sharing knowledge and experience – the monthly sessions to review and comment on each other’s photos are a great idea, painful though it may be at times to hear the criticism! These sessions provoke plenty of discussion and I find it interesting that perception of an image can vary so much from one person to the next. I am so pleased that I joined Sandy Photography Club!


The Sandy Photography Club has give me an opportunity to develop a fun new hobby.  I’ve always enjoyed taking photos but now I am thinking about it in a different way, and trying really hard to think about the composition of the photo and to give the photo some meaning and enjoyment for others. Carlos who organises the club, is extremely patient, knowledgeable and friendly, and we can all learn a lot from him, whether we are beginners or experienced photographers.  The group is a mix of ages, genders and abilities, but works well together and is always supportive and friendly.  I look forward to getting to know everyone more, and take more photos in a range of locations.