General Meeting – July 29th @9.45am

Dear Members,

Our next General Meeting will be on 29th July, 9.45am, Sandy Library, cost £3.
To gain progress in your photography, we each have preferences of style and subject.
Probably you have seen pictures that you really like.
Who inspires you? How would you recreate this picture?
I would like to push you to find a photograph that inspires you.
I would like you to present this at the meeting and talk about why you like this particular photograph and also tell us something about the photographer.
In future workshops, we will attempt to recreate your favourite photograph as a group, and we will talk about this more at the meeting.
Please send me a copy of your favourite picture by Thursday 27th July so I can show it at the meeting.
If you want to research photographers, maybe the best way is just to Google!
All the best to you 🙂

General Meeting – May 24th @7.00pm

Dear Members of Sandy Photography Club and our Friends 🙂
It is my pleasure to announce our next meeting
at new venue which is The Conservative Club, Bedford Road, Sandy at 7pm.
Please find enclosed advert we have done to as a promotion for the Club.
Could let your friends know about Sandy Photography Club (I am sure you have mention it already) and invite them along to join us.
I look forward to seeing you at the new venue.
All the best to you 🙂

Workshop IV – Processing RAW files

Dear Members of Sandy Photography Club,
I have got confirmation that Library room will be available for us.
Could you bring laptops if you have one, with you please? I will check your software and install necessary application for use with raw files.
Would be nice meet you earlier to setup the venue.
Sandy Library 25th March @ 10am
See you Saturday!
All the best to you 🙂

General Meeting – March 18th @11.30am

Dear Members of Sandy Photography Club,
All new members and visitors are very welcome!!!
Please contact us using form from menu.
On Saturday 18th March at 11.30am we are going to meet in new place Jenkins Pavilion and official address find below:
Jenkins Pavilion, Off Medusa Way, Sandy, SG19 1BN
I have put blue dotted line how to walk there from St Neots Rd, and we will meet at parking marked as 25 Wesley Road
or directly if you see Sandy Village Hall – text Hall is over Jenkins Pavilion.
 Please note there is a £3 attendance fee that covers tea, coffee and the cost of renting the venue, maybe increase more £1 if we want to stay longer.
I cannot wait to see you on Saturday…
All the best to you 🙂

Workshop III – Exposure & Light Metering

Subject: proper exposure and light metering modes in your camera.
We will walk around Sandy with our cameras looking for different shadows and lights conditions, architecture, street, people etc..
Afterwards, we can go somewhere for lunch and we can talk more about our plans and ideas for things to come.
We also need to remember to do some behind the scenes pictures or videos of our Club in action for the website and media.

4th March 2017@10am @Sandy Library

General Meeting – Feb 18th @10am

Dear Members of Sandy Photography Club,
Thank you for attending the last workshop on Saturday. We had a good time and I know you enjoyed it as much as I.

On Saturday 18th Feb at 10.00am we are going to talk about them in the Sandy Library.

Your photos will be our first feedback and it shows us how many points of view
and interpretations one can get about the same subject. 
If we want to create better pictures we need feedback from other people.
Be ready for the next task, that should be much easier and we will start a friendly internal competition.
If you have any questions regarding your camera please bring it with you and ask about it.

Please note there is a £2 attendance fee that covers tea, coffee and the cost of renting the venue.
I cannot wait to see you on Saturday…

All new Members are very welcome!!!

 All the best to you 🙂

Workshop II – Aperture

Dear Member of Sandy Photography Club,
Next workshop II: aperture. We shall meet at the Sandy Library again and then:
we have got 3-4 volunteers with cars who can give others lifts to RSPB.
Please come to the library at 9.45-10.00 and we shall organise transport to the RSPB.
Take warm head covers, gloves and boots.
If it rains heavily we shall go to the nearest coffee shop or a pub for a cup of tea.
I am taking with me: tripod, camera and nikon lenses.
We will practise how to operate in manual mode.
This will be a perfect opportunity for landscape and wild life/nature photography .
I do not care about the weather because I think we should know how to take pictures in every light and weather condition. So this is a good time for practise.
Could you please send me a quick reply if you are going so I know how many people to expect.
I want to arrange one to one sessions of 10-15 min with each one of you.
Please prepare a list of questions about last meeting where answers could be interesting for everybody.
I cannot wait to see you again 🙂

Thank you for attending the first workshop about lenses, shutter speed and iso. Next we will work on aperture. This time we are going to discover the local area and focus on it:) Pack your lenses, if you have got a nikon system you will try lenses 24-400mm, plenty shoots to do 🙂


Workshop I – Basic terms and camera function/modes

On Saturday 28th of January at 10 am the Beginners Group will meet at Sandy Library.
There will be a small fee to cover the cost of hiring the venue depending on the number of Members present.

Subject: Basic terminology and your camera function/modes.

If possible could you send me some information about your camera (brand/model) so I could do quick research about it.