Workshop II – Aperture

Dear Member of Sandy Photography Club,
Next workshop II: aperture. We shall meet at the Sandy Library again and then:
we have got 3-4 volunteers with cars who can give others lifts to RSPB.
Please come to the library at 9.45-10.00 and we shall organise transport to the RSPB.
Take warm head covers, gloves and boots.
If it rains heavily we shall go to the nearest coffee shop or a pub for a cup of tea.
I am taking with me: tripod, camera and nikon lenses.
We will practise how to operate in manual mode.
This will be a perfect opportunity for landscape and wild life/nature photography .
I do not care about the weather because I think we should know how to take pictures in every light and weather condition. So this is a good time for practise.
Could you please send me a quick reply if you are going so I know how many people to expect.
I want to arrange one to one sessions of 10-15 min with each one of you.
Please prepare a list of questions about last meeting where answers could be interesting for everybody.
I cannot wait to see you again 🙂

Thank you for attending the first workshop about lenses, shutter speed and iso. Next we will work on aperture. This time we are going to discover the local area and focus on it:) Pack your lenses, if you have got a nikon system you will try lenses 24-400mm, plenty shoots to do 🙂